Post cards from Montrose

The long stretch of sand from the edge of the golf course looking towards St Cyrus

The long stretch of sand from the edge of the golf course looking towards St Cyrus

Thursday afternoon was spent helping local people from the Day Centre next door to the museum write a post card from Montrose with a memory of holidays at the beach.
A surprising number of people had come to Montrose to retire after holidaying here all their lives, while others moved with their parents in the 50s and 60s.
Some memories were not of Montrose beach but of army leave sleeping under the stars on Bondi beach and others of picking up translucent white stones on Discovery beach, where Columbus landed in Jamaica.
One lady remembered coming to Montrose in February to look for a house with her parents, they stayed in a caravan and the weather was so cold the gas froze in the pipes!
others remembered sand castle competitions, hundreds of people arriving at the station and the weather always being warm!
Our completed album of memories will be kept at Angus Archives at the Hunter Library Restenneth, Forfar, Angus DD8 2SZ.Phone:+44 1307 468644

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Wishing Net

Wishes for the future of Montrose Bay

Wishes for the future of Montrose Bay

We wanted to try and capture people’s wishes for the future of Montrose Bay and Fraser came up with the idea of a Wishing Net !
Visitors have left lots of thoughts and ideas, many about managing plastic and litter others about encouraging birds and wildlife and one suggesting building a football stadium and the wisher would also like to play for Germany when he grows up!
A fine way to get people talking and thinking about how we can influence the future of our coastline.

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Fishing Stories

We had a great day of chat and film at the museum. With local people explaining stake net fishing to visitors and many coming to specifically watch the film and see if they recognised anyone!
Anecdotes have been recorded in the project album at the museum, people remembered back to their working lives at Johnson’s fisheries.

One story about St Cyrus was that at new year the menu would be extended to include salmon sandwiches….the fishermen would stick a salmon or two down their waders on the walk back from the beach……then word got around as to where the salmon sandwiches would be served to celebrate the bells!

Remembering the donkey/cuddie!

Remembering the donkey/cuddie!

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Film Showing at the Museum

A story of the Scottish Salmon Fisheries
Filmed at St Cyrus in 1932

The film depicts two methods of salmon fishing – it follows a group of fishermen as they wheel their boat to shore, row out to sea and haul in their catch. Then shows the work of a single Stake Net fisherman netting a catch. The salmon are loaded into baskets and carried into the village by donkey, while the fishermen haul their nets ashore to dry. The final section of the film shows the river Dee with salmon leaping upstream against the water torrents.

All welcome !

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PDF invitebeach girl

A date for your diaries

A date for your diaries

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GoPro MegaMix of the Fabulous Sandsculpture

Wider, slower – but the battery ran out a bit earlier…. but still lots to see…

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Fabulous Sand Sculpture Time Lapse!

Watch the building of the sculpture…. and then what happened next!


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