Miles of Golden Sand

Montrose Library holds a collection of Montrose guides from the 1920s to the 1960s all exclaming the wonders of a holiday in Montrose and some with photographs showing how the beach looked then with 100s of visitors enjoying the sunshine!

In Tom Valentine’s Book of Old Postcards, he includes the following;

The sands were always a source of pride to the town and a great attraction to visitors.  A writer of the 1870s waxed lyrical, describing them as

a beach of pure sand, dipping at so fine a gradient beneath the waves and affording so smooth a carpeting for the feet as to allure even the most timid to the luxury of sea bathing .

This is accompanied by a postcard of lots of kids in wooly jumpers paddling!

In Montrose yesterday there was no sign of the sea or the beach in the torrential rain, thunder and lightening. On a visit to the Arbroath Tourist Information office later, I overheard people being recommended sea safaris!

Jean Duncan artist and printmaker Artist in residence with CECHR (Dundee University)

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