Landslip on edge of Montrose Golf Course

2nd February 2014 – up to change the Montrose Bay Erosion Cam – the edge of the golf course was crumbling before our eyes. We caught one slip on camera. Excuse the wobbly-cam – it was a wee bit windy at the time!

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2 comments on “Landslip on edge of Montrose Golf Course
  1. jxduncan says:

    Local people walking on the beach have noticed that Treasure Hunters have been digging under the crest of the dune causing more erosion , not a very safe practice and causing a great deal of damage to the golf course.

  2. Kevin Calder says:

    on the right side of the screen we see where the big lumps of Granite were added to protect the greens a few years ago… these are now becoming isolated peninsulas out from the main land, eventually they will get washed away as well. But my point is, could they not have added these big chunks of rocks all the way along at that time. thereby protecting the fairways as well

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