Montrose Bay Erosion Cam 29 March – 22 April 2014

the latest from the erosion cam is up – they move the Golf Course fence [again] on the 1st april, and there is a very hardy sunbather on the 20th!

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Still Life

Collection from the midden exposed by the winter storms

Collection from the midden exposed by the winter storms

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Montrose Bay Coastal Erosion Cam on STV?

We may be seeing our coastal erosion cam footage on STV news tonight as part of a piece about today’s Tayside Estuary Forum!
Keep your eyes peeled.

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February 21 – March 29 on the Coastal Erosion Cam

High tides on 2nd and 3rd of March were quite costly for the dunes. Looks like the new fence that went up on the edge of the Golf Course on the 4th of February may soon be gone too….

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South Esk Rocks !

Jasper drawing

Great fun at South Esk Primary, identifying rocks with Fraser and then making water colour drawings with Jean. When asked if he was ready to start painting one pupil said he would just check out where the rock came from with Fraser first. It makes all the difference to how its painted, if it came out of a volcano(probably the best kind of rock when you are 11) or if it came down the river, or if it came from Norway on a boat to make sea defences!

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Exhibition dates

The Shifting Sands Exhibition will open in Montrose Museum on Friday 27th of June at 2pm, the exhibition will run until the 13th of September.

This Friday afternoon the 7th March there will be a Ken Hayes Day at the museum.Summer and winter dunes

Next workshops at South Esk on Thursday 13th March, with rock drawing and rock tales…

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Photos showing depth of sand lost Oct 2013- Feb 2014 in Montrose Bay

Photos showing depth of sand lost Oct 2013- Feb 2014 in Montrose Bay

The fence has lost it’s pickets and the posts are far more exposed. Jean would be buried completely and Fraser would be up to his neck if they were suddenly transported back to last October.

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