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February 21 – March 29 on the Coastal Erosion Cam

High tides on 2nd and 3rd of March were quite costly for the dunes. Looks like the new fence that went up on the edge of the Golf Course on the 4th of February may soon be gone too….

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Photos showing depth of sand lost Oct 2013- Feb 2014 in Montrose Bay

The fence has lost it’s pickets and the posts are far more exposed. Jean would be buried completely and Fraser would be up to his neck if they were suddenly transported back to last October.

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Montrose Bay Coastal Erosion Cam 6 Sept 2013 – 18 December 2013

All the footage so far from the time lapse camera – it’s taking a beating out there this winter. The LCDs that let you read the settings are giving up the ghost. Last time the batteries and chip were changed

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Montrose Bay timelapse – the first ten days

The timelapse camera seems to be working well at the bay. It wafts about a bit in the high wind… but looking good. Ten days in one minute.

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The Dynamic Mouth of the River North Esk

River mouths are useful indicators of coastal sediment transport. Often they are deflected in the direction of dominant longshore drift, sometimes with spits building up on their seaward side pointing in the prevalent direction of sediment transport. Dramatic changes in

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